How to stay clean and fresh during your period| Girl Talk #2

Hello beautiful people! Today I’m gonna be giving advices on how to stay clean and fresh during your period! Because I know that allot of females out there struggle with staying fresh ’cause you know when you’re on your period you feel dirty, yucky and smelly, so I’m gonna give you all some advices on how to stay fresh all day!

Being on your period can be very annoying, especially when it comes to using pads / tampons and changing them regularly. Also all of the cramps and cravings that we get in that moment. Generally, a period lasts between three and seven days. A menstrual period that lasts more than seven days is considered a long period. And between these days, we have to stay clean and take care of ourselves even more. We wouldn’t want to smell blood at all!

Change your pad or tampon:

My key advice on this to stay fresh is to make sure that when you’re on your period, especially within the first one to three days when it’s the heaviest, you change your pad or tampon every 2 hours ATLEAST. Because in those days your period is gonna be flowing a little bit extra heavy you know and she coming out like water like *WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH*. So yea, make sure to be changing your pad or tampon every 2 hours just because you wouldn’t want to be sitting in the same pad all day. That’s not sanitary at all! And when you’re sitting with your pad for too long, that’s when the odor comes in and it starts to get smelly and gushy and truthfully for me that’s very uncomfortable!

Always Radiant Feminine Pads for Women, Size 5, 54 Count, Extra Heavy  Overnight, with Wings, Scented (18 Count, Pack of 3 - 54 Count Total) - -
Always Radiant Feminine Pads Size 5

The pads that I recommend to use are the “Always Radiant Feminine Pads” Or just pads that have wings just because you can fold them up and they stick to your panties. So you know that they are secure and it ain’t gonna move at all! These are the ones I use and it’s honestly super good and I feel secure of myself because I know that the pad is not gonna move and go nowhere.

Baby wipes:

My second tip is that you’re carrying around baby wipes with you. You guys will wonder “Why baby wipes thought?” Well because if it’s safe for a baby, it’s safe for you and make sure that they are fragrance free, gentle, alcohol free and that they have no sense and no perfumes in it because you don’t wanna have all that stuff in a wipe that you’re putting down there, we don’t want no infections, no yeast infections, no crazy odors and all types of different stuffs going on when we already have enough going on when we’re on our period. Get yourself some unscented, safe to use baby wipes for down there. I recommend using the “Huggies Natural Care Wipes

Huggies Wipes naturalcare 56st
Huggies Natural Care Wipes

Throughout the day or when you’re at school or work, every two hours you’re going to change your pad or tampon, make sure to get a baby wipe and clean yourself up just because throughout the day you can get allot of dried up blood down there and that causes allot of odor especially when it’s sitting down all day.

Take showers:

Now this is another key key advice, top tier! This one is to making sure you’re taking a shower 3 times a day! This is super important because think of it in the morning; You’ve been sleeping all night, your flow has been going on through all night, your junk is just crazy and you know that if you don’t wake up, you’re going to see all this blood and you’re just not going to feel fresh anymore! (At least speaking for me and my experience.) So we want to be as clean as we possibly can. And to start my day, I like to take a hot fresh shower! If you’re not washing down there in the morning when you’re on your period (also when you are not on your period), baby, you’re doing something super SUPER wrong! But yes, as I said, definitely take a shower in the morning, make sure you wash real real good and as I said in my last post, we are NOT putting any fragrant soap down there (only the Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Soap Bar), because you know those things aren’t really good for our vagina. Also if you have a detachable shower head, (like I said in the previous blog) take it and put it on a higher pressure, squat your legs open and put it down there. Let the water shoot up on your vagina, believe me, it’s life-changing. Remember that our vagina is self-cleaning, it doesn’t take much to just keep it fresh! But yes, rub the soap bar in your hands (NOT SPONGE) and we’re not going all up in the hole, but on your labia, your lips in between, the spots that the blood can be dried up and can be trapped like on the inside parts of your skin. You need to make sure that you’re getting and cleaning all that out because when you let stuff sticking around too long, the bacteria accumulates and it’s not gonna be cute and it’s not gonna smell good either!


Douche is like a vinegar water rinse that people stick inside their vagina to rinse it out, like this one:

Summer's Eve Douche Extra Cleansing Vinegar and Water 1 Each for sale  online | eBay
Summer’s Eve Douche

As I said, do NOT use this cause it’ll make things harder and worst. Cause vinegar is acidic and like I’ve said in my last post, our vaginal pH is in between 3.8 and 4.5 which is moderately acidic! and The vinegar will only make it lower or smell bad!

Avoid eating too much sweets and junk food:

I know that when we are on our period, we get hella emotional and we just want our sweets, our cookies and our chocolates. That’s totally okay, but you don’t wanna indulge in that because believe it or not, sweets and sugary stuffs it actually makes your cramps and stuffs even WORSE. Your best bet is just to eat as clean as you can, as light as you can, you don’t wanna indulge in that junk food and stuffs just because it’s gonna be harder for your body to digest and then the cramps are just gonna intensify. But if you really want to be eating like that, which I don’t judge you cause I know how it is! , I advise you to flush everything through with water. Water is gonna help your cramps, it’s gonna help your stomach to be able to flush everything out and digest. It will also help your period go by quicker, your body will be able to get through your cycle a little bit easier and a little bit faster!

Wear comfy clothes:

My last piece of advice is to make sure that you’re wearing more breathable underwear. I recommend cotton underwear and hangs underwear. You wouldn’t want to be wearing no silk or satin underwear, no booty thongs and nothing like that, because truthfully you might just end up getting all messed up anyways, so I would just wear some underwear that I don’t really care too much about but you know I do. But yea, as I said, wear cotton breathable underwear because we want our vagina to be able to breathe and give her a little bit of air, we don’t want her to be feeling all trapped and all of that stuff!

Well beauties, this was all for this blog, I hope you liked it and I hope I gave you all useful information. Thank you for reading !
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Feminine Hygiene| Girl Talk #1.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to talk, share and focus on some really important facts that every girl should know. And that’s Feminine Hygiene. Hygiene is something that should be prioritized and it is something very essential and important, especially for girls who are entering puberty. That’s why today I’m gonna share some tips and products that I recommend to use. Basically the essential so you can smell fresh and glorious.

Oral Hygiene:

Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping one’s mouth clean and free of disease and other problems by regular brushing of the teeth and cleaning between the teeth. It is important that oral hygiene be carried out on a regular basis to enable prevention of dental disease and bad breath. I recommend using the “Oral-B 3D White Vitalizing Fresh“.

Oral-B 3D White Vitalizing Fresh

With this toothpaste you will notice that all of your teeth are whitening. And I’m saying this from personal experience. I have bracers so it was and still is very essential especially for that. It’s a little bit pricey depending on which country you live in but it’s totally worth it.

Tip #1: Brush your teeth in circle motions, it will do a deeper cleaning into the corners of your gums.

Tip #2: Always ALWAYS, cover your toothbrush with a toothbrush cover to o avoid bacteria that are in the air and do not leave your toothbrush in the bathroom, everyone relieves themselves their and there will be bacteria in the air and everywhere

Tip #3: Use a tongue scraper to brush your tongue at night. It’s very important for the bad breath. We don’t want to wake up and remember what we ate last night!

Now we’re going into the topic of mouthwash! Mouthwash also plays an important roll in the topic of oral hygiene cause it makes your mouth feel and smell fresh. But there are certain mouthwash that are not so good for our gums or teeth. Because almost all of them contains alcohol, which is super bad for your gums especially your enamel of your teeth ( esmalte de tus dientes in spanish). That’s why I recommend using the “Oral-B Gum and Enamel Care Mouthwash“.

Oral-B Gum and Enamel Care Mouthwash.

It’s an alcohol free mouthwash and I am more than 100% sure that with this mouthwash, your mouth is gonna feel and smell fresh without irritation or burning sensation. It’s truly the best and the results are immaculate!

Personal Hygiene:

Personal hygiene is how you care for your body. This practice includes bathing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and more. Every day, you come into contact with millions of outside germs and viruses. They can linger on your body, and in some cases, they may make you sick. And we do not want to get sick at all! Especially now that we’re in this pandemic and the doctors are busy with other with other patients who do have serious illnesses or who have coronavirus.

Soap and ladies Part:

First things first is the soap. Some people say that they shower with scented soap bars or with colored soap that smells lavender, rose, vanilla etc, etc down there on their ladies part (vagina). Well let me tell you that it’s SUPER WRONG and that they’re making a HUGE MISTAKE. Scented bars has too much chemicals that can ruin and change your pH. A woman’s pH is between 3.8 and 4.5, which is moderately acidic. And with those chemical-containing bars of soap, they’re going to do a lot of damage down there. They can raise or lower your pH and that is where your vagina will create a very bad smell, everything will dry out and you could get itchy and irritated. And to avoid that, I recommend that you wash there with water. If you can take the shower head, you can set it to the highest level, squat down and put it down in that area. The water will rinse everything out and it will be clean but healthy. And if you want to wash down there with soap, you can use the soap “Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Bar Soap”

Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar Soap - 8pk - 3.75oz Each : Target
Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Bar Soap.

With this soap, you’ll get the best results based on my experience and your pH is gonna stay stable and healthy without any odors or itchiness!

Tip: Don’t wash your inner side of your vagina with the soap!

Body Wash:

Now this is the fun part! Cause you can choose a body wash with the scent that you want of course! My favorite one and the one definitely recommend to use is the “Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla“.

Dove, Purely Pampering, Body Wash, Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla, 22 fl oz  (650 ml) - iHerb
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla.

This body wash is literally THE best. It makes your skin softer and smoother after one shower and it also moisturizes your skin. It smells super good and it doesn’t have a strong scent at all. 10/10 definitely!

Body lotion:

Body lotions are designed to stop moisture leaving your skin, or absorb water from elsewhere to keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Body lotions and moisturizers tend to fall into categories depending on your skin type and the ingredient you may need for perfect nourishment. I recommend using the “Vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant body lotion”.

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Bodylotion 200 ml - ÔéČ 4,75 - Koop nu bij Optiphar  Apotheek
Vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant body lotion .

It’s super good especially if you suffer from dry skin, it makes them feel so SOFT and MOISTURIZED. It’s a non-greasy lotion. It definitely does its work, 10/10!

Face cream:

Let’s not forget our face! Our face is also important, we only have one face so let’s take care of it by hydrating it! Some of us suffer from dry or oily skin. Which is normal and I have the best cream that can help us with that! I recommend the “NIVEA Pure & Natural Moisturizing Day Care”.

Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturizing Organic Argan Oil & Aloe Vera Day Care  Cream for Normal to Combination Skin | Walmart Canada
NIVEA Pure & Natural Moisturizing Day Care.

This cream is just a miracle. I use it every single day and it makes my skin feel super hydrated and smooth. There’s also a night care cream! But I only use the day care cream cause I personally feel that it’s the best. Also, remember to wash your face to take all of the dirt and oil away before using the cream for better results!

Hair Hygiene:

Keeping one’s hair clean is important more for social reasons than for health. Dirty, unkempt hair can be visually distasteful and may even develop an obnoxious odor. Bacteria feeds on this buildup, resulting in odors. When this buildup of oil is not removed, it can weigh down the hair and make it greasy. Of course we don’t want that at all! And I know that they’re people with different hair texture; greasy or dry. And personally the brand “TRESemm├ę” is the best for every type of hair, it gives super good results and it does its work!

TRESemm├ę - Wikiwand

Their products are super moisturizing and makes your hair feel soft, hydrated and healthy! Even if you have curly or straight hair!

Photo by Valeriia Miller on

Well beauties, this was all for this blog, I hope you liked it and I hope I gave you all useful information. Thank you for reading !
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My Intro | Get to know a little bit more of me.

Heyss everyone! I hope everyone are doing well and everyone is safe and sound at home. My name is Gaby, I’m from Aruba but I also have Dominican blood.

I consider myself a calm, respectful, thoughtful and optimistic person. Not forgetting that I have a great love for skin care, makeup, cosmetics, personal hygiene and hair care products.

My blogs will be more about my personal experience with certain products, girl talks, girl hygiene and Do – It – Yourself (DIY’s) or some random posts and quotes so it doesn’t get too serious. And since I’m just starting this small cosmetic business, I’ll be posting about it too.

But yes, that’s pretty sure it. I hope y’all enjoy reading my blogs. And remember to stay safe, stay healthy, stay sanitized and stay hydrated. Also stay tuned for future blogs!

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